Cameroon : Common cow breeds reared

What breeds of cattle are raised in Cameroon? At what age should the newborns be weaned? What is a calf? Aïcha, Yaounde, Cameroon

Dear Aïcha,

Cattle reared in Cameroon are mainly zebu (Bos indicus). The taurins (Bos taurus) are fairly small and represent only 2% of the total cow population, according to MINEPIA sources.
The high taurine species are : the Muturu in the south-west; the Namchi or Dowayo in the Northwest and in the Faro; the Kapsiki in the Far North and in the Mayo Tsanaga and the Kouri in Lake Chad.

There are four types of zebus raised in Cameroon

The Red Mbororo zebu or Red Fulani that lives in the North, North-West, Far-North, Adamawa, West and East; – White Mbororo zebu or White Fulani zebu is raised in the three northern regions of the country to the west and east; the zebu Goudali is found in Adamawa, in the east and north-west and the zebu Peuhl of the Sahel is found in the North and the Far North.

Requirements for cow breeding

For cattle breeding you must reserve a few hectares of the land for pasture. The date of weaning depends on the feeding of the animals and generally takes place between 3 and 6 months after the farrowing. The term ‘calf’ means a small bovine animal up to the age of six months.
Good Luck!

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