Cameroon : Experience is needed for success in poultry farming

My ambition to do poultry farming led me to build a small farm in Bafoussam. which of these proposals is better for a beginner?- Start with day-old chicks or with chicks from 14 to 21 days? I thank you for your answers.
Guy Descars, France

Dear Guy,
For a start, it is advisable to start with pre-heated chicks of 21 days, in order to gain experience that will allow you to better take care of your day old chicks later.
However, it is important to know that each of these assumptions has advantages and disadvantages.
If you start with day old chicks, the advantage is that you master the source of your chicks; the disadvantage is that the first three weeks of breeding are quite sensitive and there is a risk of loss of some chicks.
If you start with the 21day chicks, the advantage is that the risk of chick mortality is reduced; the major disadvantage is that you do not control the origin of the chicks and you have to rely on the good faith of the seller. In this case, the rarity and high price of the pre-heated chick must also be considered.
In conclusion, for breeding below 50 chickens, we advise you to start with day old chicks.

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