Cameroon : Fighting pest in young pawpaw

I planted over 500 pawpaw trees in my farm and destroyed most of them. What should I do? Thanks for your assistance.   T. Godefroy, Pointe Noire CONGO

Dear Godfrey,
Young pawpaw trees are very fragile and very susceptible to pests. If you are in an area where insects or other pests cut the young plants, the nursery that is a very important phase in pawpaw production should not be neglected.
That said, we will emphasize you should not plant your pawpaw seeds directly in the field. Make a nursery where you can protect the seedlings. So next time make a nursery and plant the pawpaw seeds in seedling bags in nurseries in order to control seedlings before transplanting in the field.
Preparing a pawpaw nursery
Prepare a pawpaw seedling nursery and fill the bags with soil (black earth mixed with manure or compost) and put them side by side under a shade. Sow two seeds of pawpaw per bag about 1 cm deep.
Seedlings are then watered regularly with clean water. We must avoid excess water and water shortages. The duration of seed germination varies between 8 and 20 days depending on the climate. Generally, it takes 12 days. Gradually, as the plants grow, the shade is removed in order to prepare the seedlings for planting.
In the nursery, weeds should be regularly monitored and the nursery treated with a fungicide like Manèbe 80 since the young plants are susceptible to fungi (Pythium spp and Phytophthora sp), mites, snails, rodents and sometimes lizard attacks. Transplanting is done 5-6 weeks after sowing the seeds in bags in the nursery.

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