Cameroon : Medicinal virtues of cocoa

Cocoa is very rich in nutrients and has been proven to be very medicinal especially when infused or in the form of butter

Cocoa is not just the basic ingredient in chocolate, it is a universal delicacy. Cocoa beans, bark and butter are used to make many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.
The most popular cocoa product is cocoa butter. It is a powerful healing and emollient (that softens tissues). It is effective against various skin diseases. Its application is particularly beneficial in the following cases:
– Cracked lips: cocoa butter heals and wipes scares on lips injured by dryness or cold.
– Nipple cracking: breastfeeding women suffer injuries at the nipples of their breasts. Cocoa butter effectively acts on these wounds.
– Burns, rashes, and skin irritation: the application of cocoa oil on the affected parts of the skin relieves.
-Cocoa butter is known to regenerate hair, cure dandruff and ringworm on the head.
-Cocoa butter also acts on the itching, irritation or itching of the vagina.
-In boiled or warm concentrated liquid, the bark of the cocoa treats the cough.
-Cocoa is invigorating and slightly stimulating. Cocoa also contains theobromine. The diuretic effect of theobromine is accompanied by an anti-inflammatory action on the kidneys. Theobromine is recommended for those suffering from kidney diseases.

Catherine Djité

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